KS Creative & Consulting's story-telling approach to communications is designed to be more comprehensive. We want to draw the audience in so that they become involved and inspired to act. This means developing communications that are accurate, creative and thoughtful in form and in function.  

By working closely with you to gain a complete understanding of your business, your goals, and your concerns, we'll develop messaging and graphics to meet your objectives. We specialize in change management, employee engagement, and customer service. And we strive to incorporate this knowledge into all that we do. 


Strategy and engagement plans developed to connect the business side and the people side of transformational change.

  • Incorporate Organizational Change Management (OCM) strategies to ensure your audience is engaged in the messaging.
  • Follow the Change Management Model from creating a sense of urgency through making it stick.


Specializing in picture-heavy presentations in order to focus on the discussion and not the slide. Less text allows for the presenter to speak naturally and freely without feeling the need to read to the audience. The presentation acts as a cue card reminding the presenter which talking point to discuss next. Presentation development includes animation (when appropriate) to help illustrate and connect complex ideas. Detailed talking points developed for each slide make sure all key points are covered.


Small to large, formal or informal meeting planning including the development of an agenda, presentation, team-building activities, and other meeting materials as needed. Creative touches infused throughout to energize the room. Carefully crafted messaging and activities to accomplish your meeting objectives. 


From logo design to full-scale branding campaigns, bring your messaging to life with the right images, colors, and fonts. Ensure consistency across all of your messaging platforms by matching the image you present with your brand.

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