I'm here to help! My name is Kristen Small and I started KS Creative & Consulting because I want to tell stories. I love a good story. A well-told story is inspiring and intriguing, no matter the subject. By incorporating the right story-telling elements, messaging can be more engaging and information more retainable. My goal is to help individuals and businesses communicate effectively by offering a variety of communication services including writing, graphic design, strategy and planning.

Who am I?

My career started at a small publishing company where I discovered my love of graphic design. I was hired as an editor, but a passing assignment to design a flyer for one of our new books got me hooked. After that, I took classes to learn more about design and how to use design software. As a result, over the seven years I worked there, I transitioned from Editor to Designer to Art Director.

My next career move was to a much larger company in the utilities industry. That allowed me to learn more about business strategy and employee engagement. I also kept going to classes so that I could learn new skills. I became a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and never shied away from a challenging project. Working in an industry that was going through a lot of change gave me a first-hand view of how important it is to tell the whole story. To align all of the elements from the strategy to the business plan to the communications. To involve employees in the changes in order to transform the businesses while maintaining that sense of community that makes a company feel more like a home and not just a job.

"I'm here to help!" has become my motto. I've found myself saying that to anyone and everyone who has reached out with small requests or major projects.   

That's my story. What's yours?